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By: Rodrigo Tannus Serrano

The orange economy is a term that has become popular in Colombia in recent years. This tool aims to develop, through the creation, production and distribution of goods and services, technological, artistic, cultural and creative content to generate wealth by progressively participating in the GDP. Although the Government’s drive is from a national perspective, there is significant leverage for the development of this economy by different foreign agents. It is for this reason that the migratory field becomes relevant in this aspect, since musicians, actors, producers, sportsmen, among others, will have to take into account the existing Colombian permits or visas, with a view to entering and staying in Colombia legally.

There are several types of permits that allow foreigners of unrestricted nationalities to enter and remain in Colombia for a certain period of time, to participate in sports or artistic activities, as long as they do not receive any type of remuneration. This being the case, they may obtain an Entry Permit (PIP) 5 when coming from one of the member countries of the European Union. On the other hand, those nationals of other States listed in Resolution 10535 of 2018 who are also part of the group of unrestricted nationalities, may opt for a PIP6. Foreigners holding a PIP5 or PIP6 may stay in the national territory for up to 180 days per calendar year.


Restricted nationalities wishing to engage in artistic or sporting activities

In the case of foreigners with restricted nationalities, in accordance with the above-mentioned resolution, they may not enter the country without having previously obtained a visa at a Colombian consulate or directly at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on the type of activities and the time spent in Colombia, the foreigner must opt for a visa that allows them to enter and develop the different activities.

Although there are entry permits for artistic activities such as participants of a circus, a television series, or athletes who will participate in an event, in case they need to stay in Colombia for the time allowed in the country or to be hired and paid by a company, it will be necessary to obtain the corresponding visa, either visitor or migrant, depending on the activities to be developed.


Visas for artistic and sporting activities

In Colombia there are, among others, visas that enable a foreigner to carry out this type of activities in our country, for example: Visa M5 (Work), V8 (Participate in an event as an artist or sportsman), V11 (Audiovisual production or digital content), or V13 (Provision of services).


Obligation to notify the SIRE and RUTEC

All individuals, national or foreign, or legal entities within the Colombian territory, as well as public and private sector entities or employers that have a link with foreigners, whether contractual or not, whereby a benefit is generated, must proceed with notification to the SIRE.

Likewise, all public and private sector entities or employers that hire foreign persons within Colombian territory must make the respective report to RUTEC.

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