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We are proud to represent local and multi-national companies and many of the world largest global immigration law firms
and global immigration service providers delivering outstanding, compliant law services and solutions.


At Tannus & Asociados we have extensive knowledge of the legal and business context, with a team of experienced lawyers and consultants who know and understand employment, labor and immigration law, as well as the bureaucratic complexities of each country.

SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONALSEmployment, labor and immigration law.

Due to their extensive experience, their lawyers and consultants are leaders within their areas of practice, having represented and provided advice to national and multinational companies in different industries and sectors, in Colombia and the world.

WE PLACE OUR CLIENTS AT THE CENTRE OF EVERYTHINGWhen client satisfaction is the focus of our work, everything flows: We combine experience, know-how and innovation. This is how we represent and advise national and multinational companies that are leaders in different industries, in Colombia and around the world.


Timely response

Strict protocols/response times according to the requested service


Careful management of highly sensitive information and documents


Ensuring quality and strengthening the operation

Updated information

Aware of the legal and business dynamics, the team is constantly trained and aligned


Suitable solutions for complex scenarios


Activity supported by advanced ICT tools

Global solutions

Coverage worldwide through our network partners

Cultural sensitivity

Thanks to the intercultural sensitivity acquired over several years, we are able to perceive and react appropriately to the everyday challenges

OUR REASON FOR BEINGWe provide with responsibility and professionalism to our clients, and society in general, legal advice personalized, integral, with technical creativity, updated, timely, with the best quality-price ratio, within strict ethical principles.

WHERE ARE WE GOING?To be recognized socially and entrepreneurially, at a global level, as a leading firm of high quality legal services in employment, labor and immigration practices, permanently striving to do well what we know how to do, always being at our clients’ side.

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Colombian boutique legal services firm specializing in labor, employment and immigration law. Tannus & Asociados’ team stands out for its dynamism and ability to effectively advise in complex scenarios, providing tailored solutions to each client and situation, focused on the satisfaction of their clients.

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