Immigration law

Tannus & Asociados has extensive experience in providing advice
for developing immigration and global mobility strategies.

Immigration Services in Colombia and Worldwide

In addition to providing advisory for immigration procedures and executing them for national and multinational companies from different sectors such as: Financial, automotive, transportation, IT, energy, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, among others, we have contributed to the design of mobility policies and training programs for various companies and individuals.

Tannus & Asociados knowledge and experience of international legal, regulatory and policy issues allow the firm to provide to its clients with strategic, effective, and efficient advice to assist them in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

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Colombian boutique legal services firm specializing in labor, employment and immigration law. Tannus & Asociados’ team stands out for its dynamism and ability to effectively advise in complex scenarios, providing tailored solutions to each client and situation, focused on the satisfaction of their clients.

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Handbooks and Policies


– Design, elaboration and implementation of employment and immigration policies.
– Elaboration of guidelines for the implementation of best and compliant practices that optimize the processes of human resource mobility.



– In-house seminars and workshops.
– Refresher courses and seminars.



– Nationalizations by birth or adoption.
– Resignation of nationality.

Global Services


We have partner law firms in the five continents which allows us to have the capacity to provide immigration solutions worldwide, having centralized and uniform processes through a single point of contact.

Compliance and Audits


– Audits.
– Due diligence.
– Guidance and representation before the control entities (Migración Colombia, Ministry of Education, Professional Boards, etc.) in investigations and administrative processes on foreign affairs.

Procurement and apostille of documents


– Legalization and Apostille of documents.
– Obtaining birth or marriage certificates.
– Criminal records.
– Medical certificates.
– Among others.

Consular Services


– Obtaining a Colombian visa from Colombian consulates in other countries.
– Obtaining visas in consulates of other countries in Colombia.
– Legalization and authentication of documents.
– Issuance of passports.



– Management of expatriates due to corporate restructuring.
– Short and long term international assignments.
– Permanent transfers.
– Investment and entrepreneurship.

Visas and permits


We provide advice and guidance for the completion of immigration procedures in Colombia and the world, to allow travelers to develop business, investment, and work activities, among others.

Some of these processes are:

– Visitor Visa (V)
– Migrant Visa (M)
– Resident Visa (R)
– Entry permits known as: Tourism Permit (PT); Integration and Development Permit (PID); and Permit to develop other activities (POA).
– Foreigners' Identity Card (Cédula de Extranjería).
– Temporary licens or Licenses to carry out activities with regulated professions.
– Degree Validation.
– Other procedures before different control entities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration Colombia, Professional Councils, Ministry of Education, among others).