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By: Rodrigo Tannus Serrano

Through Resolution 2230 of 2020, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection decreed the extension of the health emergency throughout the national territory until February 28, 2021. Likewise, the closure of land and river border crossings was confirmed until January 16 of next year. However, it should be noted that international air traffic will continue to operate, with biosecurity measures and protocols: Fill out the Check-Mig form, for arrival and departure from the country, with a maximum of 24 hours and a minimum of 1 hour before the trip; download the Coronapp application creating a profile of the traveler to notify their health status, in addition to complying with the mandatory use of mask, frequent hand washing and social distancing.

It is worth mentioning that the PCR test with a negative result for Covid-19 is suspended through Resolution 1972 despite the recent decision of a Bogotá Circuit Judge, which ordered the National Government to demand this test again from international travelers who wish to enter Colombia.

Despite how different and challenging this 2020 has been, the vacation season is approaching, which is why it is important for travelers to prepare in advance to avoid inconveniences when leaving or entering the country and to keep in mind, not only the presentation times at the airport before the departure of the flight, but also the documents to be presented to the competent authorities, such as travel documents, identification and exit permits for minors.

Considering the increase in the flow of people during this time, as well as the biosecurity protocols established in the air terminals, it is advisable not to travel if you present symptoms like Covid-19, to arrive at the airport no more than 3 hours in advance and to use the mechanisms enabled to facilitate arrival and departure from the country by means of automatic migration.

Although all travelers must present their original identification document, their valid passport or travel document and the valid visa or permit, depending on the destination, it must be considered that minors must present additional requirements to those mentioned above, such as the civil registry of birth to prove kinship and the identity card for those older than seven years. When a minor travels alone with one of their parents or another person different from them, the parent who does not accompany the minor must grant a permit, which must be authenticated by a notary public, if it is signed in Colombia, or legalized before the consular authority or apostilled, if it is granted abroad. In case only one of the parents has the parental authority, the duly executed sentence issued by the judge must be presented to prove it and, in case of the death of one or both parents, the death registry must be presented.

It is imperative to have clarity at this beginning of the most important vacation season of the year, on the final decision against requirements such as the need to submit the PCR test, a mandatory quarantine upon arrival or other measures, as one of the sectors most hit during this year as is tourism, looks forward to these upcoming weeks.

To make a parenthesis, I consider important to reiterate that the best way to continue supporting San Andres and Providencia is to visit them, especially in this season of vacations.

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