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By: Rodrigo Tannus Serrano

As of December 1st, Resolution 3167 of 2019 issued by Migración Colombia will be effective. This Resolution establishes new guidelines for the entry, stay and departure of nationals and foreigners from the national territory. This new resolution reorganizes the entry and stay permits (PIP) in three categories, which will allow foreigners of unrestricted nationalities, enter the country not intended to domicile or profit, for short periods. The length of stay of PIPs will vary according to each category. Notwithstanding the above, foreigners who obtain this permit may not stay in Colombia for more than one hundred and eighty calendar days, continuous or discontinuous, within the same calendar year. The categories are as follows:


Tourism Permit (PT)

This permit will allow you to perform leisure activities, medical treatment, participate in or attend cultural, scientific, sporting, convention or business events.


Integration and Development Permit (PID)

The PID will be granted to foreigners who wish to enter Colombia in the development of conventions, agreements or treaties of international cooperation and assistance, to carry out judicial, administrative or refugee processes, when the foreigner is considered important for the National Government or its institutions. Likewise, for educational purposes, to carry out activities as a lecturer, teacher or researcher, to carry out journalistic work, as well as in cases of urgency or official or service commission.


Permission to develop other activities (POA)

Foreigners who wish to enter the country to develop technical assistance activities with urgent character, to make artistic presentations or massive events, to carry out temporary transit or those who intend to enter as crew members or members of a means of international transport, will have to opt for this type of permit.


Additional Revenue Measures

By virtue of the principles of rationalization and simplification, other mechanisms are established to allow the entry of foreigners, such as the Border Mobility and Electronic Migratory CAN-MERCOSUR cards. These seek to facilitate the entry of nationals from the countries of these two regional integration mechanisms. Similarly, the automatic migration process is being developed, which will be applicable to nationals and those foreigners who are holders of a Colombian visa valid for at least two years. Similarly, automatic control and biometric authentication (BIOMIG) are implemented as migration facilitation mechanisms.


Residence permits or foreign visas

Ratifying the provisions of Resolution 10535 of 2018, Resolution 3167 confirms the benefits of income for non-profit and short stay activities. This applies to nationals of countries for which Colombia requires a visa, who are holders of permanent residence in a member state of the Alliance of the Pacific, residence permits or visas with a validity of more than one hundred and eighty days from the United States, or a country member of the “Schengen area”.

It is expected that the reclassification of permits will benefit the system’s operability, facilitating the entry of visitors and mitigating current errors.

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