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By: Rodrigo Tannus Serrano

Resolution 5477 of 2022


On July 22, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolution 5477, by means of which Resolution 1980 of 2014 and Resolution 6045 of 2017, regarding the procedural, administrative and processing aspects of visas in Colombia, are derogated.

Said Resolution updates the regulations and procedures for the different types of visas. Below, you will find the main changes that will come into effect by means of the new regulation:

1. Will come into force 90 calendar days after its publication, this is October 20, 2022.

2. The study times of the visa application will be extended, going from 5 working days to up to 30 calendar days and, in those cases in which the Ministry requires consulting additional information with other entities, said period can be extended.

Furthermore, the time for the issuance of the visa will increase from 3 business days to 10 business days.

3. At the time of the visa application, the passport shall have a minimum validity of six (6) months.

4. For some types of visa, additional documents or requirements will be requested, such as apostilled or legalized diploma, medical insurance policy, among others.

5. The Visitor Visa for Digital Nomads is created. This new category will allow foreigners to work remotely from Colombia, through digital media and the Internet, for foreign companies or create digital content or information technology startups of interest for Colombia, by means of a permit or visa, depending on the particular circumstances.

6. The Internationalization Promotion Visa is created for foreigners with training (master, doctorate or postdoctorate), in basic or applied sciences, engineering, mathematics or related ones, whose profiles meet the priorities required by Colombia. Additionally, for professionals in areas pre-established by the Directorate of Consular Migratory Affairs and Citizen Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose practice contributes to the adoption and/or adaptation of technologies that strengthen Colombia’s competitiveness.

7. Although the Technical Assistance Visitor Visa will be valid for up to 2 years, the permanence in Colombia is limited to 180 continuous or discontinuous days for 365 days counted from the issuance of the visa.

8. Distinction will be made between the Visitor Visa for Short-term Journalistic Coverage in Colombia and the Visitor Visa for a Permanent Correspondent.

9. The Resident Investor Visa disappears. The foreigner will have to apply for a Migrant Visa and only by accumulated time will be able to apply for a Resident Visa.

10. The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Visitor Visa is created.

11. In case of early termination of a visa, the foreigner will no longer have 30 business days but 30 calendar days to leave the country or request a new visa.

12. The Beneficiary Visa will no longer apply to the holder’s parents.

13. The Migrant Visa application process will be different for those foreigners who have a relationship with a Colombian depending on whether there is a de facto marital union or marriage between them. Likewise, the accumulated time to obtain a Resident Visa will be different in one case or another.

14. The Student Visa is regrouped into a single category called Visitor Visa for Students.

15. It will be mandatory for holders of a Resident Visa to carry out the visa transfer process every 5 years. Additionally, those who are holders of a Permanent Resident Visa granted under previous regulations, must carry out the transfer of the visa within the following 2 years, counted from the date of entry into force of the new regulation.

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